Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Backyardigans Live Giveaway!!!!

Who wants to go to see the Backyardigans Live in Calgary on March 2 at 4pm? I have a family pack of tickets and gift pack up for grabs!

Backyardigans Live: Sea Deep in Adventure is a live action adventure that will delight every family!

To win, simply answer the following trivia questions and send the answers via email to calgarycouponmomma@gmail.com

1. Name the character who is the blue penguin.
2. What type of animal is Tyrone?
3. Name the character who has a slide in their backyard.
4. What color is Tyrone's shirt?

Contest closes February 19th at midnight. Winners will be contacted shortly after via email.  

Cheers all! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Babble and a Contest

Okay, so it's been awhile since my last blog post. I have still been couponing, saving, and hunting for deals. I have also been working from home with 2 companies, so it has kept me busy.

I was reading an article on Ways to Make Money Online from Mrs January. It definitely got me thinking, as I follow most of the ways already.

I am currently a Certified Consultant for Scentsy and an Independent Consultant for Epicure, soon to be a Senior Consultant. I love both companies, and have made great progress with both.

I love both companies because of the support, products, high commissions, and rapid advancement. They allow me to meet other people, try new products, and stay at home with my son, while taking in an income every month!

You can view my Scentsy site by clicking here. On the site, it shows all of the products available, current specials, and sales. If you are interested in ordering or you want to sign up as a rep, please email me!

My Epicure site is here. The same goes for Epicure--it shows all of the products, sales, recipes, and how to sign up to be a rep. Until the end of January, it is $50 off to sign up for Epicure!

I was hesitant at first, but if you put a little work into it, and use your current network of friends and family, you'll be advancing in no time!

And, as for the contest.... I am giving away 2 Epicure prize packs and 2 Scentsy prize packs. All you have to do is comment on the link AND share the facebook post for this blog post on my facebook page! Winners will be randomly chosen and notified on Feb. 3!!! Good luck!

Happy saving y'all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All set for BBQ season....and then some...

We are now the proud owners of 58 bottles of Bullseye BBQ sauce. Yes, 58. I know what is running through your heads right now... That horrible "hoarder" word. Not true. We BBQ for most of the summer, which means alot of sauce will be used. Also, we usually have 3-4 large events where a fair amount of people come over for said BBQ. Also, family, friends and neighbours enjoy it too. And with the BOGO Free coupons, and the 3/$4.98 sale at Sobeys, you can't go wrong with $0.83 per bottle, when stores have charged upwards of $4.00 per bottle... Also picked up 24 Shiriff Dr. Oetker Pudding/Pie Filling mixes, 20 Mousses, 4 Creme Caramel, and 8 Mug Cake mixes. They come in handy for a quick dessert!

Am off to Walmart to get more of the Resolve Laundry Stain Remover tomorrow. It works out free with the $2 insert coupons from the weekend, and with all that BBQ sauce future spillage, we will definitely need it!

What deals have you been shopping for lately? I am on the hunt lately for toilet paper and paper towels! Will post more tomorrow when the sales flyers come! Happy clipping y'all!